(Amman, Jordan - .... February 2021): "Pepsi Jordan - Jordan Ice & Aerated Water Company", a joint venture between "Al-Qahtani Group Holding and PepsiCo International", announced today the signing of a cooperation agreement with the Crown Prince Foundation.

The agreement aims to work jointly to develop and enhance the capabilities of young men and women in Jordan, through initiatives and programs that the Crown Prince Foundation oversees their implementation.

The agreement was signed by the General Manager of PepsiCo Jordan, Mr. Bassem Ali, while it was signed by the Executive Director of the Crown Prince Foundation, Dr. Tammam Manko.

According to the agreement, PepsiCo Jordan provided a sum of money to support the Foundation in implementing its programs, especially programs to support youth leaders, with the aim of enriching the knowledge of young men and women in many areas of life and professionalism, and to develop their skills, abilities and leadership competencies.

In a statement, General Manager of Human Resources and Public Relations at PepsiCo Jordan, Mutassim Salameh, said: "We are proud of our partnership with the Crown Prince Foundation, with which we share a commitment to young people who make up the largest proportion of the community fabric, and to ensure their empowerment in all respects. And thus facilitating them to reach their full potential and raising their ability to perform the roles expected of them towards themselves, and within their families, communities, and country.

He added, "Through our cooperation with the Crown Prince Foundation, we look forward to being part of the process of building on the legacy of the founders who made the history of the Kingdom, preparing for the second centenary and shaping the features of the future by harnessing youth energies and directing their creativity to support the path of progress and growth."

For her part, Dr. Tammam Manko, Executive Director of the Crown Prince Foundation, said: "We highly appreciate the partnership of work with PepsiCo Jordan, as it is considered a model for effective work between development institutions and private sector institutions." She added, "At the Crown Prince Foundation, we are keen to activate working partnerships with various parties to serve the development goals that we are working to achieve, and which give young men and women in the various governorates of the Kingdom a great priority."

It is worth noting that Pepsi Jordan is keen to support all sectors, societal spectrum, national issues and urgent challenges, foremost of which are the sectors of education, youth, environment, art and culture, leadership and excellence, and economic and social empowerment, in order to continue to contribute through the effects of its work in shaping Real sustainable differences based on a strategy that derives its priorities from a set of dimensions, the most important of which is linking the concept of corporate social responsibility to the concept of sustainability.